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The first meeting of the “Indiana Society for Hospital Personnel Directors” took place in April 1968 in response to a letter sent by IHA suggesting such a state group be formed. At that meeting, the Board of Directors and the first President, Paul Guy, were elected. There were 43 charter members of the organization.

Shaking Hands

In March 1969 the first Annual meeting and Educational Workshop was held in Indianapolis and the organization continued with only meeting per year until 1973 when additional educational meetings were offered. In 1972 our Society was the first to request and receive an educational grant, based on excellence in educational programs, provided by the American Society for Hospital Personnel Association. This grant was received every year but one that it was offered, and has since been replaced by the Chapter Achievement Award.

Business Meeting

Also in 1972, the name was changed to the Indiana Society for Hospital Personnel Administration (ISHPA) to reflect the fact that the Society served not only Directors, but all involved in “hospital personnel administration.” The name was changed again in 1988 to its current designation, Indiana Society for Healthcare Human Resource Administration to reflect a membership that included more than just hospitals.

Our Society also has the distinction of providing four presidents to the national organization, now known as ASHHRA. They are John Mote, Paul Guy, Howard Jack and Bill Conklin.

“Every good conversation starts with listening.” – Tom Haak

Our Mission

To promote and help to spread the ethical practices of Human Resources in the medical field. To make the most of the technology and the people that we have.

Our Board

Rich Pea - President

Hallie Custer - President Elect

Carol da Silva - Secretary
Bredna Strohl - Treasurer

Karyn Batdorf - Vendor Relationship Chair

Sally Zuel - Membership Chair

Joanne Dauignon

Nicki Williams

Lynda Shrock

Robin Rose

Ross Brodhead

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